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2oz Essential Body Oil Aromatherapy

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The most underrated but most often used sense, Smell. Many times we take aroma for granted but little do we know smell is attached to memory & can have great benefits in everyday life. Did you know Aromatherapy can improve psychological and physical well being? These Aromatic body oils are sure to give you a great boost & set the mood in immeasurable ways. Fragrance can last up to 8hrs+. Oil colors can vary depending on fragrance type.

  • Essential Body Oil
  • Pure & Organic Extract
  • One Hand Press Flip Top Bottle with Dispensing Caps
  • Safe BPA Free Food Grade Natural Translucent HDPE Squeeze Bottles
  • Durable, Stable, One Hand User Friendly Design
  • Ridged Press Cap Design Makes it Much Easier to Pick Up the Bottle by the Cap When Hands are Wet or Covered with Product
  • USA Made
  • FDA Approved
  • No Alcohol added
  • Vivid Oil Colors 
  • Long Lasting Fragrance (8hrs+)
  • Physical & Psychological Boost