BA$$Head Recordz

Located in the vibrant city of New Brunswick, New Jersey, BA$$Head Recordz stands as a beacon of innovation in the rap and hip−hop scene. Founded with a mission to redefine sonic excellence, BA$$Head Recordz is committed to delivering crisp sonics, detailed lyrics, and heavy bass that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

Leading the charge at BA$$Head Recordz is Reek Tha Ruler, a visionary artist and entrepreneur with an unwavering dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. With an acute ear for quality and a passion for precision, Reek has cultivated a roster of artists who share his commitment to sonic excellence.

Among the standout acts on BA$$Head Recordz is Tha Squad, a rap/hip-hop group comprised of Reek Tha Ruler, Flizzy Flash, Nur Tha God, SpaceGhost Yung, and Dean Bi$hop. Together, they form a powerhouse collective known for their intricate lyricism, electrifying beats, and thunderous bass lines that reverberate through speakers and souls alike.

At BA$$Head Recordz, every release is a meticulously crafted masterpiece,where every sonic detail is carefully honed to perfection. From thought−provoking lyrics that delve into the depths of the human experience to infectious beats that compel listeners to move, the music produced under BA$$Head Recordz is a testament to the label's unwavering commitment to sonic excellence.

With a focus on pushing the boundaries of rap and hip-hop music, BA$$Head Recordz is poised to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Through a dedication to crisp sonics, detailed lyrics, and heavy bass, BA$$Head Recordz continues to captivate audiences and push the genre forward into uncharted territory.

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Hip-Hop/Rap Group

Tha Squad

Tha Squad is not just a rap group; they are a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene. Based in the streets of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Tha Squad is composed of five talented individuals (Reek Tha Ruler, Flizzy Flash, S.G. Yung, Nur Tha God, & Dean Bi$hop) who bring their own unique style and energy to the table.

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Hip-Hop/Rap Artist/Producer

Reek Tha Ruler

Reek Tha Ruler is a Hip-Hop Artist, Producer, Executive Producer, Engineer, Videographer, Graphic/Clothing Designer & More from New Brunswick, N.J. With captivating vocals, heavy lyricism, insane beats & versatile flows Reek Tha Ruler proves to be "Tha Most Dangerous M.C.".

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 Y.B. Clothing Co. x P.A.U. - New York Fashion Week

Y.B. Clothing Co. x In Squad We Trust - Commercial A

Y.B. Clothing Co. x In Squad We Trust - Commercial B

Tha Squad - "Turn It Up" "Boom (Move!)" "Awe Yea" LIVE! Performance

Nur Tha God - Jugg N Finnesse (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash x Reek Tha Ruler - No Problems (Official Vizualizer)

Nur Tha God x Reek Tha Ruler - Made (Corleone) (Official Vizualizer)

SpaceGhost Yung - F*ck Is You Talkin (Throwback) (Unreleased Music Video)

Flizzy Flash - The Rapture (Throwback) (Unreleased Music Video)

Reek Tha Ruler - 5th Element (Official Vizualizer)

SpaceGhost Yung - SuckaFree x HataProof (Official Music Video)

 Reek Tha Ruler - BLVCKBVLL (Official GTA Vizualizer)

SpaceGhost Yung - Look Into My Eyes (Official Music Video)

 Reek Tha Ruler - Boom (Move!) LIVE! Performance

Reek Tha Ruler - BO$$Y (Official Music Video)

Reek Tha Ruler x Flizzy Flash - Devil Is A Lie (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash - If That's You (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash x Reek Tha Ruler - Qualified (Official Music Video)

 Reek Tha Ruler - Blood, Sweat, Tearz (Official Lyric Video)

Yung Ty (Nur Tha God) - Instammercial

Reek Tha Ruler - Return Of Tha Ruler (Official Music Video)

SpaceGhost Yung - Instammercial

Reek Tha Ruler - P.A.U. Interview (Short Vertical Version)

Flizzy Flash - From the Chi To The 9 (Official Music Video)

Reek Tha Ruler - Instammercial

Yung Ty (NOor Tha God) - Look Around (Feat. Cory) (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash - Instammercial