Tha Squad

Tha Squad is not just a rap group; they are a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene. Hailing from the streets of New Brunswick, New Jersey, Tha Squad is composed of five talented individuals (Reek Tha Ruler, Flizzy, Flash, S.G. Yung, Nur Tha God & Dean Bi$hop) who bring their own unique style and energy to the table.

Together, Tha Squad delivers a sonic experience like no other, blending crisp sonics, detailed lyrics, and heavy bass to create music that moves both the body and the soul. From thought-provoking tracks that tackle social issues to high-energy anthems that celebrate life and success, Tha Squad's music reflects the diverse experiences and perspectives of its members.

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and a dedication to authenticity and excellence, Tha Squad is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry. Armed with their talent, passion, and unwavering determination, Tha Squad is ready to take the world by storm and solidify their place as one of the most exciting rap groups of their generation.

Get ready to join the squad and experience hip-hop like never before. Tha Squad is here to stay, and their music is just getting started.

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 Y.B. Clothing Co. x P.A.U. - New York Fashion Week

Y.B. Clothing Co. x In Squad We Trust - Commercial A

Y.B. Clothing Co. x In Squad We Trust - Commercial B

Tha Squad - "Turn It Up" "Boom (Move!)" "Awe Yea" LIVE! Performance

Nur Tha God - Jugg N Finnesse (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash x Reek Tha Ruler - No Problems (Official Vizualizer)

Nur Tha God x Reek Tha Ruler - Made (Corleone) (Official Vizualizer)

SpaceGhost Yung - F*ck Is You Talkin (Throwback) (Unreleased Music Video)

Flizzy Flash - The Rapture (Throwback) (Unreleased Music Video)

Reek Tha Ruler - 5th Element (Official Vizualizer)

SpaceGhost Yung - SuckaFree x HataProof (Official Music Video)

 Reek Tha Ruler - BLVCKBVLL (Official GTA Vizualizer)

SpaceGhost Yung - Look Into My Eyes (Official Music Video)

 Reek Tha Ruler - Boom (Move!) LIVE! Performance

Reek Tha Ruler - BO$$Y (Official Music Video)

Reek Tha Ruler x Flizzy Flash - Devil Is A Lie (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash - If That's You (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash x Reek Tha Ruler - Qualified (Official Music Video)

 Reek Tha Ruler - Blood, Sweat, Tearz (Official Lyric Video)

Yung Ty (Nur Tha God) - Instammercial

Reek Tha Ruler - Return Of Tha Ruler (Official Music Video)

SpaceGhost Yung - Instammercial

Reek Tha Ruler - P.A.U. Interview (Short Vertical Version)

Flizzy Flash - From the Chi To The 9 (Official Music Video)

Reek Tha Ruler - Instammercial

Yung Ty (NOor Tha God) - Look Around (Feat. Cory) (Official Music Video)

Flizzy Flash - Instammercial